:33 < *ac purrks her head up* hello! my name is nepeta! ask me some questions, follow me, or just chat! ((May not answer every question I receive, because I am not quite sure how to answer some of them..)) ~~~~~  furriends at the tea party

:33 < oh hello :oo

:33 < okay!

((I am too shy to ask people for dance requests

I’ll just sit here and admire their dancing drawings from a distance))

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((Yule ball dress


I let my wonderful niece do the shading of the dress and flowers))

((Accidentally deleted this lovely dress submission from glub-at-the-witch-of-life that I think deserves to be shown off because it’s rad))

will this do for the ball?


((Goodness these are all so wonderful))

(( :33 ))


((asdfghjk WOW this one is so very very awesome :DDD

Or should I say..


asktcmakara sent:
hI sIs! :o) tHe FaShIoN-sIs SaYs I nEeD tO gO tO tHe YuLe BaLl, sHe SaId YoU wErE gOiNg ToO, iF yOu ArEn'T bUsY, mInD bEiNg My DaTe? :o)

:33 < sure gamz33!

:33 < this is going to be so pawsitively fun! :DD

((I wanted to get this answered soon and I’m unable draw right now so hooray text answer))

((Whoopsies I forgot to screenshot it when I reached 100 followers

142 is good too though

Thank you all very muchly for following this blog 0u0

This weekend I will try to actually answer asks instead of playing the Sims for endless hours))